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세피라 Sefirah free Apk v1.3.3 (1.3.3) Proper/Offline + SD Data


??? Sefirah free Apk v1.3.3 (1.3.3) Proper/Offline + SD Data


  • Easy operation:
  • Operation method optimized for smartphones touch touch & drag (Drag)
  • distinctive profession and mercenaries
  • Make a gorgeous of mercenaries strong personality and a variety of skills, experience thrilling battles!
  • The number of mercenaries as a combination of various professions, strategic play is made by you.
  • colorful and vibrant graphics
  • Cave, a strong sand storm desert storm, a blizzard of unknown depth
  • Reproduce a realistic background, and vivid battle screen
  • Large-scale battles unfolding without a break to rest 
  • Asmodians in a massive invasion that threatens human
  • The large and powerful boss encounters
  • Unpredictable, breathtaking Dire Maul is waiting for you.
  • own distinctive Mu
  • Chi formed only for you to hire mercenaries to follow Aaron iso de
  • Battlefield capped save the world!
  • English English support.

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