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PC Suite para Android v1.7.22.298

type=’html’>PC Suite para Android v1.7.22.298

Requirements: 2.2 and up
For PC

91 PC Suite for Android is a software solution that includes dedicated tools to manage and organize data and files on an Android smartphone. ;-)

Just like iTunes works with iOS devices, 91 PC Suite for Android allows users to install and uninstall apps on the phone, but it also provides many other useful utilities. ;-)

After you successfully connect the smartphone to the computer, you can manage contacts and SMS messages, access the calendar schedules and the to-do lists, read emails, set alarm clocks, view bookmarks and change notes. ;-)

The “Media” tab allows you to add and remove wallpapers, ringtones, photos and videos, but it also enables to you install new themes and even take screenshots of your mobile phone.  ;-)

If you wish to backup phone data you must go over to the “System” tab where you can also find more tools to restore a backup, manage files and apps, edit images, search calling location and adjust settings of your mobile phone. ;-)

Everything’s pretty intuitive and although the main window displays a lot of flashy advertisements, 91 PC Suite for Android remains a handy utility that can be used by beginners and professional users alike. ;-)

91 PC Suite for Android asks for little, since it acts lightly on system resources; just keep in mind that you must be able to connect your smartphone to the computer via a USB cable. ;-)

All things considered, this is one of the best ways to get into your Android mobile phone, and since it provides so many utilities to manage virtually all types of content on the device, it’s definitely a recommended product. ;-)

New Features:

    *   Bettered the Task feature. The following features have been removed to the Task tab
    *   Books: the book downloading and uploading features have been removed to Task List;
    *   Ringtones: the ringtone downloading and uploading features have been removed to Task List;
    *   Media: the music downloading and uploading features have been removed to Task List
    *   The above features will still be running in the background after their interfaces are closed, so you don’t need to keep their interfaces open and wait for their completion any more.
    *   Task List: added prompt for New Task Added and Task Completed.
    *   Contacts: re-opened the account feature and optimized the account management function.
    *   Video: added a “Music” category
    *   Added a “Help” feature on the start page, through which you can report any problems you encounter and your current system environment info to our developers.
    *   Apps: in the WIFI connection mode, if PhoneDaemon has obtained the superuser permission, then apps will be in… ;-)

Screenshots :

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