Google Search app reportedly set to gain several new features on Nov. 13

Google Search Android app

Yesterday we saw Google push major updates to two of its Android apps, Hangouts and Google Keyboard, giving them new features like SMS integration and space-aware gesture typing. It looks like Google may not be stopping there, though, as a new report suggests that the company’s got another big update planned for next week.

In its review of the Nexus 5, Wired reports that it’s been told by Google that several new features are coming to the Google Search app and Google Now on Nov. 13. The app will reportedly gain the ability to ask the user questions, such as “which Jennifer” when you give it the command to “text Jennifer.”

Also reportedly on the way is a feature that will not only enabled the Google Search app to search inside of other apps, but then launch them and perform tasks inside of them for you. Finally, it’s said that Google Now will utilize location even more than it already does to provide new information cards, such as geyser times when you’re at Yellowstone National Park.

Google frequently updates its Google Search app with new features and additional Google Now cards, so it’s not a surprise to hear that the company’s cooked up some more goodies for the app. That doesn’t change the fact that these upcoming features sound like pretty nice additions to Google Search and Google Now, though, enabling users to save time by performing more tasks with their voice and also giving them more useful information about the world around them. Good thing that we’re purportedly less than a week out from being able to give these new features a go, huh?

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