How would you change Google Now?

My initial intent when I get a new device, or an app or play with a piece of software isn’t “how can this be better, or what would I change?” It may never be the first thing I think about, and truthfully it isn’t, but it ultimately always pops up. The more I use something, and the further I go down the rabbit hole, I can’t help but compare it to other things that exist, how those features stack up, and what may be missing in an initial build or first release.

It’s a habit that I know exists, but one I find increasingly hard to break. What’s worse is that I know I’m not alone. I can’t even tell you how often I get presented with, “After using [insert device or piece of software] for [insert time here], I think…” and it always includes some kind of change, or addition, or sometimes even something that needs to get removed.

I’m the same way and I know it, but I think it’s the feedback that’s most important for designers and developers, engineers and companies on a broad scale. They release these things and want to hear what the customers think, so they can update accordingly, or release the next version even better than the last. So hey, we’re really here to help!

The truth of it is that we can’t make everyone happy, and neither can an app or device. It’s just a hope to find a happy balance, to find that place where you make more people happy than upset.

Google Now isn’t exempt. Nor should it be.

Like many Google services, Google Now is an ever-evolving piece of software, a feature that’s always getting better — or at least aiming to be with each new update. And yet, I’ve seen a lot of people on my social feed say they’ve given up using the service altogether, simply because they’ve just lost track of it. I’m sure there are just as many people out there still using it, and probably even more that actually depend on it in their daily routine. But it’s the ones who’ve stopped using it that got me thinking.

I love Google Now, and I’d even pay for the service if Google made me. I think it’s a great service, and I can even forego the fact it burrows into my email and search results to get the information it does, simply because it’s so dang helpful more often than not.

I even use the “Google Search” app on my iPhone when I’m taking my time within iOS, especially with the new features Google brought to the app on Apple’s platform. With push notifications now on board, I can see when I need to leave for an appointment, when a package is headed to my door, or be notified when a movie I’ve been following along with is being released.

On Android, the app is said to be getting even better on November 13 thanks to another update from Google. This time around, they’ll be adding things like “geyser time,” so if you happen to be at Yellowstone National Park, you’ll know when the show is about to kick off. (It’s actually a location-based update, so that the service understands your location, and events appending around you, better. That’s just a specific example.)

There are other features, too, but this is where I want to hear from you. I want to know what, if anything, you’d change about Google Now. As far as I’m concerned, I’m honestly not sure what I’d change. I like where the app is going with iOS, and on Android just the fact they have a widget makes me plenty happy.

So I want to know what you would change about Google’s service built around you. More location-aware services? Would you prefer it if it wasn’t so intrusive, or so sweeping in its collection of data? Would you not change anything at all? Let me know!

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