Latest Nokia Normandy leak includes screenshots of custom Android software

Nokia Normandy Android screenshots leak

Following two Nokia Normandy leaks from December that each shed more light on the rumored device, a third leak has emerged today that gives us even more details on the colorful phone and its Android-based software. 

A new image shared by @evleaks shows three lime green Nokia Normandy units along with the caption “Android on Nokia ( -virtual buttons).” The software depicted in the renders doesn’t look like the any version of Android that we’ve seen to date, which lines up with previous reports that suggested that Nokia would follow in Amazon’s footsteps and load a heavily-customized version of Android onto its hardware.

The images show a flavor of Android that’s reminiscent of the software used on Nokia’s Asha phones. We can see a lock screen with three rectangular notifications, a call screen and a Skype splash screen. The status bars on these devices include white icons and two SIM cards, indicating that the Normandy includes dual-SIM support. 

The Normandy is said to be the result of Nokia’s desire to create low-cost, Asha-style devices that are capable of running full smartphone applications. While one would think that the Normandy project would have been halted due to Microsoft’s impending acquisition of Nokia’s Devices & Services division, recent reports have suggested that some Nokia employees are still plugging away on the device. Those workers have allegedly been told that Nokia is eyeing a 2014 debut for the Normandy. With the aforementioned Microsoft acquisition expected to close in early 2014, though, it’s possible that the Normandy may never see the fluorescent light of a retail store.

What do you think of these latest Nokia Normandy images? Do you like what Nokia has done with Android?

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