A quick look at the different types of LG G4 Quick Circle cases [VIDEO]

One of the latest trends in smartphones is to create a case that can do more than simply protect your phone. HTC has DotView, Samsung has S View, and LG has Quick Circle. There are two versions of the Quick Circle case for the LG G4. One acts as a replacement back and adds wireless charging, while the other simply snaps over the top like a typical case. Let’s take a look at both styles.

LG G4 Quick Circle cases

Before we get into the two types of cases you might be wondering what a Quick Circle case actually does. The large circle cut-out is used to display information at a glance without requiring you to completely unlock your phone. It’s sort of like having a smartwatch display on the front of your phone. You can check the time, see notifications, use widgets, make calls, send messages, and more.

LG also allows developers to create their own apps for the Quick Circle case. This opens up the cases to do a lot of cool stuff. Some of the best apps include Quick Circle Apps, Quickfy (a Spotify player), Circle Remote, and Circle Pong. The Quick Circle might be the most useful smartphone case out there.

LG G4 Quick Circle wireless

The LG G4 does not come with support for wireless charging out of the box from any carrier. In order to get this functionality you’ll need a Qi or PMA charging cover. Currently, we’ve only been able to find Qi covers, but AT&T will eventually sell PMA covers. The good news is the Qi covers seem to work on all models of the G4, including the AT&T model.

The wireless charging Quick Circle case replaces the original back that comes on the G4. This is ideal if you want the features of the Quick Circle case, but don’t necessarily want the bulk of a case. The only downside is you can’t get a leather Quick Circle case, but they are available in Silver, Gold, White, Blue, and Pink .

LG G4 Quick Circle snap on

The Quick Circle Snap On case is more like a traditional phone case. It doesn’t replace the original back cover, and it doesn’t add wireless charging. It simply snaps over the phone. Still, the Snap On case is very thin, and it has the same texture as the original plastic LG G4 back covers. The Snap On cases also don’t come in leather, but they are available in Silver, Gold, White, Blue, and Pink. If you don’t care about wireless charging you can save a few bucks with the Snap On case.

If you’re thinking about buying the LG G4 be sure to read our full review. After you get the phone check out our 10 things every LG G4 owner should do and 35+ LG G4 tips & tricks. Also, you can join the LG G4 forums and talk with other G4 owners about cases, apps, troubleshooting, and more.

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