BlackBerry Passport comes in white and red for the holidays #apkmaniax

The BlackBerry Passport is now available in one more color – Red. The red color was only a rumor a few days ago when BlackBerry showed off the white one two days ago.

Both color options come for users who are not sold on the black one and are already up for pre-order onBlackBerry’s US online store. The white one has a reduced price of $599, while the red one goes for $699. Both prices are significantly higher than the regular price of $499 for the black one.

The red variant will be shipping on November 28 and can also be found on

BlackBerry Passport in Red

The white BlackBerry Passport should be available on as well. Pre-ordered phones will start shipping on November 28 again.

BlackBerry Passport in White

The BlackBerry Passport is one costly smartphone but it has enough high-end specs to show for its fat price tag. It has a 4.5″ 1440x1440px display of 453ppi, a Snapdragon 801 chipset, a 13MP snapper and we rated it of being capable of providing 73 hours of battery life under use. You can read more of our impressions and tests in our full BB Passport review.



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