Dual Survivor v1.0 APK free download 2/28/2014

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :
Dual Survivor - screenshotDual Survivor - screenshot

Dual Survivor play.google.com.dualsurvivor
If you read this you are humanities last hope! Our redemption, our salvation. You are the resistance! Will you stand your ground and guide us to a viable planet where the human race can re-populate?
Dual Survivor is a frantic, mentally exhausting experience that will push your multitasking skills to the limit. Steer two electrically powered pads to guide the energy cores over the post apocalyptic platforms. Advancing through the zones you need to improve skill and map awareness to think ahead and use both hands on entirely different movement patterns.

Steer two cores at the same time.
Boost your skill to the limit when keeping both cores on track.

Get a highscore
Collect all fifty orbs on each map to be awarded a triple star.

Trigger areas
Open gates, rotate blocks and command moving tiles to reach the endzone.

Outsmart threats
Dancers, Mines and Turrets will kill you instantly, out-skill them all in your road to victory.

Pay once! No hidden in-game purchases!

Download : 48Mb APK

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