BT Controller 1.5.5 apk free download

Current Version: 1.5.5
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Entertainment
v1.5.5 update:
Control your PC! Download BETA Windows Host from settings: (WIFI only at this stage)
Lots of bug fixes and memory improvements
Fixed menu interfering with controls
Prevented images from showing up in gallery
Fixes for Kit Kat support
Memory improvements
Tilt – Orientation support, configure in settings
Host IP input fix
Bug fixes
BT Controller allows you to use your android device as a gamepad controller for any other android device, becoming a portable console.
For example, you can play a snes emulator on your tablet connected to your tv using your phone as the controller. It also works the other way round, (your tablet as a controller for your phone or a phone as a controller for another phone etc.).
Please note: This CANNOT control a PS3 or XBOX.
Differences to the LITE version:
-Multiplayer support
-Create and Edit controllers
-Download new controllers
-Joystick controllers
-No Ads
Unlocking will give you access to ALL of the features of the full version.
The lite version uses in-app purchases to unlock all the features of the full version. The play store will continue to show the app as the lite version but you will have access to all features whenever you re-install or install on other devices with the same gmail account.
For best performance, please ensure all other Bluetooth accessories are turned off or disconnected as they may interfere.
If you have connection problems with Bluetooth, try removing the existing pairings from your device’s Bluetooth settings.
You can check out more instructional videos on our website:
* How to connect and use BTController
* How to build a Joystick controller
* How to build a Dpad controller with automatic diagonals
* How to convert a Dpad controller to a Joystick controller
BT Controller only works with emulators and games that support custom inputs.
Confirmed Games and Emulators:
Riptide GP
Sonic CD
Shine Runner
Mupen64Plus, AE [N64] – Full 360 degree joystick support and up to 4 players multiplayer support
DroidEmu [Many]
Snesoid [SNES]
SuperGnes [SNES]
Nesoid [NES]
Gensoid [Genesis]
N64oid [N64]
FPse [PSX]
Tiger Arcade [CPS2]
CPS2HD [CPS2] (Must use the following directions when mapping:
Mame4Droid [Mame]
snes9x ex+ (SNES)
My Boy (GBA)
RetroArch (Multiple)
DrasticDS (NDS)
Android TV Stick friendly
If you have tried another emulator or game that works, please let us know so that we can add it to the list [email: ]
Basic Instructions:
If you are unable to watch the youtube video demonstration and instructions you can try to setup BT Controller by following these steps:
1. Open BT Controller on both devices
2. Select WIFI or BLUETOOTH as your connection method on both devices
3a. Choose “Host” for the tablet or host device
3b. Click the checkboxes in order to enable the BT Controller keyboard then set it as the active keyboard
4. Choose a controller on the controller device and either scan for the host device (for bluetooth) or use the scan button in the wifi connection screen to find the host device. The ip can also be manually entered if the scan does not work well on your device.
5. Navigate to the input configuration for your emulator or game and set up each button (When key mappings in snesoid, you will also need to enable the custom input option in “Other settings”.
6. Start a game or emulator rom

Download via Google Play:
download button BT Controller 1.5.5 on Google Play
Download :
download button Download BT Controller 1.5.5


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