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Inotia 3 Mod

1) Organized Party System

A Party Battle System, where you get to combine 6 classes to construct your own party! You can control each character separately and enhance their skills and stats however you like. Through a story mode, you can not only obtain various characters, but also hire mercenaries with items. Personalize each character by equipping a variety of clothing, weapons and defense weapons.

2) Touching Story on an Enormous Scale

Far better and more enormous in scale than its predecessor, the story line of Inotia III is constructed in such detail that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the game. The narrative takes you from the present to the past and back again, with a plethora of unique minor characters, 130+ maps, and 230 remarkable quests.

What’s new:

The classic action RPG, Inotia 3!

We searched high and low to get rid of as many bugs as we can, so you can continue on your epic journey!

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Name of cheat: Credit To: china-boy

– IAP crack, can buy gems.

– Double Exp Gain

– Skill points frozen at 203

– Item at normal shops are free

– Loot Drop Rate X5 (more chances to drop loot)

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