One Power Guard 4.6.0 apk

Current Version: 4.6.0
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Productivity
v4.6.0 update:
1. Add every hour power consumption
2. Improve UI and fix some bugs
1. Fix a bug when changing a mode
2. Improve UI
1. Fix a bug that is unable to restart when reboot
2. Fix a bug when clicking a list item on app tab
1. Polish Up this app
1. Improve UI and change default settings
1. Fix some bugs
1. Fix some bugs and enhance stability
One Power Guard is one and only kernel-level powersaving app – One is all cool.
One Power Guard is a unique battery enhancement tool designed to conserve your battery power an increase uptime on rooted Android smartphones/tablets. One Power Guard will decrease your charging time and increase your device performance while also increasing your uptime. One Power Guard will also protect your device from faulty applications that can: cause over-heating (decreasing your battery lifespan); run down your battery; prevent your device from deep-sleeping; and, use unneeded resources such as WiFi and Cell Data. By selecting any one of the six customized power-saving modes, you are able to match your power savings needs to your lifestyle. There is no need to purchase extra batterys or a larger battery, just use One Power Guard.
Why this app need root?
Because only rooted devices can be optimized the kernel.
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Some Users’s Stories
1. Extends stand-by time and battery life; optimizes charging parameters
2. Optimizes system kernel and CPU usage to improve device performance
3. Six (6) customized power-saving modes to suit different scenarios
4. Proactively guards from power-killer apps and safely shuts down useless power-consuming programs
5. Fast ON/OFF settings for 100% system customization
6. Intelligently switches to/from WiFi/Cell data to preserve battery life
7. Professional Tips on power optimization
First of all, what are the common complaints with android smartphone devices? Issues such as: system halted; application crashes; slow booting; and, battery life.
A year ago, I purchased my first android phone and installed CM ROM. Within months, I became very
annoyed that my battery did not last the entire day. I could go to bed, with a full battery charge, and awake in the morning to find that the battery charge had dropped significantly overnight. I found this situation to be unacceptable! To solve this, I downloaded power-saving applications.
Every day I would install a different power saving application, charge the battery to full power before bed, and then check the battery in the morning. After a month of testing power saving applications, I
didn’t find a satisfactory solution and some of the so-called power saving apps even made the battery drainfaster. So, I thought I would create an app for myself, that could tweak system parameters and help save my battery. Nine months ago, I started writing a power tweaking application for myself. I studied the intracies of the android power management mechanism and within a few months I had the basis for an application that could optimize my power management. Everyday, I tweaked the power optimization parameters and tested each night. One morning, I awoke and was thrilled to discover that the battery charge had only decreased by a small amount. So, I turned my personal power saving tweaker into a user-friendly power saving application that anyone could use. I am sharing my application, One Power Guard with you.
Why do you need One Power Guard? and Test One Power Guard for yourself.
1. Fully charge your battery before you go to bed. In the morning, check your battery status and note how much is remaining.
2. After installing One Power Guard, fully charge the battery before you go to bed. In the morning, check your battery status, you will be impressed by the power savings!
3. To compare the optimization results, you need to restart the phone so that you have a clean environment.
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