Pocket Casts v4.5 apk

Pocket Casts v4.5

Pocket Casts 4.5 Apk

Stay up to date with all the very latest podcasts with 1 very easy to use application. Simply add your most favorite podcasts, & you’ll be able to download or a stream brand new episodes as they become the available. With cross android device syncing are support, an very extremely awesome UI, tablet are support & built in a variable speed playback, Pocket Casts is the very best way to listen to the podcasts, on the any platform.

What’s New

__Finally__!!! Pocket Casts 4.5! Chromecast are support! Up Next Playlist which you can re-arrange the items in! Brand New Interface that’s awesome, & picks up the podcast colours! Soooo Many great Enhancements! More Exclamation Marks! Capitals in the Odd Places!

One does not the simply update an application like Pocket Casts. 1 has to take the 1 Codebase to the some silly mountain & do so in most epic 3-part triloginess. Heck 1 might even make the more movies about a dragon too.

Pocket Casts v4.5 Pocket Casts v4.5

Pocket Casts v4.5

Pocket Casts v4.5 Pocket Casts v4.5

Require 2.3 and Up & File Size 3.8mb




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