SoftKeyZ root Android v14.5 Apk Version

SoftKeyZ root APK v14.5 Free Download
This app comes with more than 150+ different softkeys to choose from and the growing online database proivides even more user-submitted ones. If you got some navigation buttons you would like to see in this app just upload them to the gallery. Until I’ve added them, you can just use the import feature for these soft keys. This application needs root and “busybox” to be installed. This app will NOT overwrite your applied themes, or enable the navigation buttons on devices without them.
What’s New:
v14.5 update:
Fixed several bugs and OutOfMemory problems.
Hopefully fixed the random force-close situations.
Changed some texts.
(re)added the contribute button to the Online Gallery.
The Online Gallery can now be sorted by the date of upload.
”date added” is the standard sorting algorithm.
Faster swiping between the three main screens.

v14.4.1 APK FILE: HERE
v14.2.1 APK FILE: HERE
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This application will let you change the Softkeys / Navigation Buttons fast and easily.
SoftKeyZ root APK v14.5 Free Download
Size: 3.1 Mb | Android: 4.0 and up

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