Texas Instruments’ new chip gives smartphone projectors 720p

It looks like pico projectors on smartphones are going to be able to up their imaging game.

That is, thanks to Texas Instruments’ new 0.3” TRP DLP Pico chipset.

TI’s latest Pico chip boasts 30% efficiency and a 100% increase in brightness from their previous best offering. It also consumes 50% less power, so it seems that the company has definitely done their homework.

To put things into perspective, the 0.3” latest Pico chip packs two times the amount of pixels for its size. This means that 720p projection will be possible on upcoming smartphones with projector functionality.

The current chip beats the pants off the projector on the Samsung Galaxy Beam, which could only last 3 hours on a full charge and project a 50-inch wide image at 640 x 360 resolution. With the greater gains in efficiency and resolution in TI’s , you can expect a longer viewing life, with a much better resolution.

There are no plans on including TI’s new Pico projector chips in any smartphones yet, but the possibility of watching Hi-Def movies projected straight from your smartphone onto any wall is exciting stuff, no?

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