iPhone 6 dummy units roughly depict its design, rumor says

As we get closer to the fall, more and more things about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 get leaked. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen many instances of dummy units getting photographed in various poses.

Though while looking at those you may have wondered how close these mockups are to the actual design of the new iPhone.

iPhone 6 mockups

Pretty close, it seems, if the latest report from Japan is to be believed. The dummies do give a decent indication of the general design traits of the iPhone 6, but there are some areas in which they fall short.

For example, according to someone who claims to have had access to the smartphone’s design, the white stripes that have been prominent on the back of the mockups will not be a part of the final look of the iPhone 6.

Furthermore, Apple’s next handset should come with a slightly curved display which will fit perfectly inside the aluminum casing, allowing for a seamless transition from one material to the other (unlike what’s happened with the iPhone 5S which has a sharp edge where the screen meets the metal).

Finally, the Home button in the dummy units doesn’t fit perfectly, and that’s something that will obviously be different in shipping iPhone 6 models – as you’d expect given Apple’s reputation for obsessive attention to detail.

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