LG G3 S a.k.a. G3 Beat to cost €349 in Europe

Yesterday LG announced a lighter version of its LG G3 flagship called LG G3 Beat. It packs a 5″ IPS HD display, runs on Snapdragon 400 chipset and features an 8MP camera with laser-assisted auto-focus.

The LG G3 Beat utilizes the same design language as the original G3 and offers an identical software package of Android KitKat and Optimus UX.

The LG G3 Beat is available in South Korea as of today, with Europe and CIS region to follow soon. LG didn’t specify the pricing in its press releases yesterday, but luckily LG Germany filled the blanks today.

According to the official LG blog on Germany LG G3 Beat will cost €349 when it becomes available in the upcoming weeks. Also, you should know LG G3 Beat will be called LG G3 S in all European markets and the CIS region. Naturally, the dual SIM flavors of the LG G3 Beat will be sold as LG G3 Beat dual in Asia and LG G3 S Dual in Europe and the CIS countries.

The pricing of €349 for Europe is about €120 below than the 16GB LG G3 flagship model and €220 cheaper than the LG G3 with 32GB storage and 3GB of RAM. Any takers?

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