Nokia and Microsoft to allegedly launch Android-powered Lumia

in a rather bizarre turn of events, it seems Nokia and Microsoft are working on an Android-powered Lumia device. The information comes from evleaks, who revealed little more than the text in the following tweet.

It’s bizarre because first of all, the Lumia brand has always been about Windows Phone devices, which is why the first Android phones from Nokia had the Nokia X brand name. Secondly, since when did Microsoft become so interested in making Android phones that it is willing to let go of its major brands to run on rival software?

If at all this is true, and we do see a Lumia Android phone, it will likely be a higher-end device but running the same basic software as the Nokia X phones. Perhaps Microsoft sees these as a means to push its services to the people. Services such as Bing, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, etc. are available exclusively on the Nokia X devices without the rival Google services.

What this means for Windows Phone remains to be seen but you can’t blame the company for trying other things considering Windows Phone still hasn’t taken off as expected.


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