PAID Mystery of Mortlake Mansion v0.1.10 apk free download

Mystery of Mortlake Mansion v0.1.10
Requirements: 1.5+
Overview: Accept challenge in the adventure Mystery of Mortlake Mansion and stop the evil in this hidden object game.

The old Mortlake Mansion is living a mysterious double life. Lots of secrets are hidden in its dark rooms. The house’s owner, the occultist and mystic Caliostro is hiding something. Try to investigate what he hided. You will travel between realities, solve the puzzles, find the clues and collect the mansion’s magic keys. Defeat the crafty master, break the evil spells, set the bewitched captives free and become the owner of this stunning Mansion!

-Over 700 unique items to find
-34 locations to scour
-Two realities – the usual world and the phantom seamy side
-Hide and seek game
-Creative graphics and stunning special effects
-Enchanting music
-Lots of mini games and puzzles

The game is available in English, German, Portuguese, French and Russian.

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