Spigen confirms Apple iPhone 6 design in a case listing

Spigen is jumping the gun posting cases for unreleased smartphones yet again. This time, the case maker has uploaded a few of its transparent cases for the iPhone 6. Doing so, the company inadvertently (or not) confirms the design of the upcoming Apple smartphone.

Spigen’s leak of the iPhone 6 is just a drop in the pool, as the phone is one of the most leaked pieces of hardware around. Apple is all but confirmed to launch the iPhone 6 with a 4.7″ display with talks of a 5.5″ one joining it as well. The latter, however, seems unlikely, if the latest rumors are to be believed.

The 4.7″ iPhone 6 will make use of a Sapphire display, although it could be limited to just some iPhone 6 models.

In addition to the iPhone 6 dummy units that have been floating around, there are talks of an improved TouchID sensor as well. Apple should announce the iPhone 6 in the fall, but as the announcement date draws near, ежен more detailed information should come up.

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