It took one second for Xiaomi to sell 10K RedMi Notes

Xiaomi has, for the lack of a better word, been killing it in the sales department, and the RedMi Note is just another crazy example of how in-demand the Chinese manufacturer’s products are.

The RedMi Note phablet managed to sell 10,000 units in just a second in Taiwan, which is nothing short of astounding. Xiaomi also boasted that they had received reservations for 40,000 RedMi Notes in 12 hours, which doesn’t account for the total amount of reservations that were made since June 20th.

This is a good sign for the Chinese manufacturer. Their phones have been selling out consistently in China, and if they can continue their momentum in Taiwan as well, then they should be able to see similar results in other Asian markets.

Many potential buyers were left out in the cold, as they complained that the phones were sold out before their browser’s web page could even fully refresh. Despite consumer frustration, there isn’t any doubt that Xiaomi’s marketing strategy is working. By driving up demand for their products, Xiaomi has made purchasing their phones an ordeal that customers are willing to endure, so long as they are able to secure one of the company’s (usually) high-spec’d, low-priced handsets.



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