PAID Doppler v1.0.3 apk free download

Requirements: 2.3+


Like twitch action games? Like a challenge? Want to play something a little different? Doppler is for you!

“Doppler – bringing the wire loop game up to date” – Within The Game

“Lends itself to the addictive ‘I can beat my high score’ mentality that mobile games thrive on.” – The Indie Scent

Remember those wire loop games where you slowly guide a metal ring along a twisting wire and try not to touch it? This isn’t really a lot like one of those!

In Doppler you’re tasked with maintaining the charge of a shining electric wave (origin unknown – is it a cosmic string? a space noodle!?) that twists and turns towards you. In an exciting take on touch screen controls you place one finger on either side to form a connection – let go, touch the line, or stray too wide, and you’ll lose charge; stay close and you can get some back. That’s it, how long can you last?

- Fast paced twitch action gameplay
- Unusual and exciting touch screen mechanics
- 3 modes – Infinite, Extreme and Time Attack
- Leaderboards
- Achievements

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pass : #D8ygL8wq



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