PAID Lucent Icons – Icon Pack v1.6 apk free download

Requirements: 3.0+
Overview: * Works best with Nova Launcher

* If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact me at  or ask in my G+ community
* Launchers tend to make icons look small especially on devices with HD resolution. If they look small on your device, please go into the settings of your launcher and increase the icon size.

Compatible with the following launchers:
- Action Pro
- Apex
- Aviate
- Go
- Holo HD
- Nova
- Smart
This icon pack may be compatible with other launchers but the above mentioned are what’s officially supported.

- 1311 icons and more will be added (please be patient)
- Dashboard app (for easy application of the icon pack)
- 8 cloud based wallpapers (can be saved on your device)
- Icon request feature (will identify all the icons this pack did not theme)
- Choose from the list of unthemed apps, press the send button at the top, choose your email app of choice, there
be will an email generated with an attached file containing your chosen apps, their icons, and activities.

- Mohammed Musaddiq
- Pkmmte Xeleon
- Blaze
- Alex Besler

More Info:

pass : #Z2sRGeMM


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