Apple now requires iOS developers to use 64-bit code

Ever since Apple unveiled the iPhone 5s, it has been keen to brag about the 64-bit support of the Apple A7 chip. Starting February, it will require developers to develop their apps to work on the 64-bit architecture as well as the 32-bit one.

This means that the company is slowly but surely moving to a 64-bit only support in iOS. There are currently Apple products that are still using 32-bit CPU architecture, so the company is unlikely to require developers make apps using only 64-bit compliant code for at least another year.

In addition, Apple has also launched a Swift mini-site to lure developers to start using its capabilities. Swift is Apple’s new programming language for iOS and Mac applications.

Google is also headed in the 64-bit code direction with the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop. The search giant still doesn’t require developers to start making 64-bit compliant applications yet, but we’re sure this time will come sooner or later.

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