Meizu MX4 gets a gold version, pre-orders start tomorrow

Looking to get an MX4 with a touch of extra bling? Meizu has you covered as the company has just announced a gold version of its latest flagship. The new variant was announced at a Flyme + YunOS presentation held in China today and pre-orders will start tomorrow.

You can book your unit from Taobao, Tmall and through Weibo starting from 10 AM tomorrow morning. Pricing and specifications remain unchanged over the silver version.

Unfortunately, unless you live in China, you chances of getting a gold Meizu MX4 now are pretty slim. There will be just 10,000 units available initially and they will all be distributed in the manufacturer’s homeland. We are hoping that by the time Meizu finally expands the availability of the MX4 abroad there will be more units available, though.

Meizu has promised to share more details on the international release of the MX4 shortly – we’ll naturally keep you in the loop.



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