OnePlus One pre-orders go live for one hour on October 27

OnePlus announced its upcoming pre-order system for the One last month, when it only said it would roll out in October. And today the Chinese company has followed up with an actual date and time at which you’ll be able to pre-order its first smartphone, no invite needed.

So here’s what you need to mark in your calendar: October 27, 15:00 (3 pm) GMT. That’s 8 am PST and 11 am EST for those of you in the States, or 4 pm if you’re somewhere in Central Europe.

There’s a big catch to all this, though. The pre-orders will only be live for exactly one hour. To make sure everything will go smoothly, you can already ‘prepare’ your pre-order on a special website, adding the OnePlus One to your cart, and entering your details – so you’ll need to do as little as possible next Monday.

To celebrate the opening of pre-orders, OnePlus will offer accessories at reduced prices – for example, the JBL E1+ earphones will be sold for just $24.99 (their normal price is $39.99).

If you do pre-order the OnePlus One and then receive an invite, you’ll have your phone shipped immediately. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait in the pre-order line, but you’ll be told how much once you’ve gotten your pre-order through.



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