Fallout Shelter is looking at an August release on Android

Fallout Shelter attack

When Fallout Shelter launched on iOS back during E3 (coinciding with Fallout 4’s reveal trailer) we knew an Android version was in the works. Developer Bethesda mentioned it in their initial press release but as things often go, a specific date wasn’t mentioned. The worst part is knowing how good the game is. It’s already managed to score a perfect 4-star rating in Apple’s App Store and after only 1 week, it was Apple’s most downloaded game in 48 countries.

When asked about launch timing for the Android version of Shelter, Bethesda developer Pete Hines mentioned in a tweet that they’re targeting an August release but wouldn’t commit to a hard date. He also mentioned that things were coming along nicely, so that’s always good news. Keep in mind that Bethesda did say that Fallout Shelfter would arrive on Android 2 months after the iOS version, so end of August would still fit within that time frame.


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