Google Glass sequel may have been spotted passing through the FCC

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We know Google is still preparing a consumer version of Google Glass. Not too long ago the project graduated out of Google X labs to an official Google product headed by Nest CEO Tony Fadell. That being said, a recent FCC filing is causing some to believe that this could be the next version of Google Glass. The mysterious device — filed under FCC ID A4R-GG1 — is reportedly carrying all the wireless connectivity you’d expect from a next-gen wearable (Bluetooth LE, non-removable battery, dual-band WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac).

FCC ID A4R-GG1 e-label

While that alone doesn’t raise much suspicion that it could be the next version of Google Glass, the device’s FCC label wont be physically printed on the device and will instead use an e-label which was also included in the filing. Just looking over the e-label — black background with white lettering — it looks uncannily similar to the UI featured in Google Glass. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be much else revealed in the filing. No surprise there.

While the public is still mulling over whether or not we even want to see another version of Google Glass, it looks like Google is ready to give it another go. The form it will take (VR headset? Augmented reality?), is still anyone’s guess.


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