Google introduces YouTube Gaming, Twitch doesn’t seem too worried about it

YouTube Gaming

Rumors of Google creating a Twitch competitor have finally been confirmed today. YouTube Gaming is Google’s latest app/website that will focus purely on streaming video game related content. The service — which is set to go live this summer in both the US and UK — will be separate from YouTube in that it’s dedicated to games and nothing else. That means searching for something like “Call” will immediately pull up results for “Call of Duty” and not the hit single “Call Me Maybe” or some other viral video.

YouTube Gaming game page desktop

YouTube Gaming Android screen shots

Google says that over 25,000 games will get their own page, highlighting streams related to that specific title. While uploading pre-recorded videos is still doable, it’s YouTube gaming’s live streaming capabilities that is likely what we’ll be seeing content creators focusing on. Even though Twitch has a huge head start, with 60fps video recently creeping its way into YouTube, we think YouTube Gaming could have a fighting chance. Twitch’s response? They don’t seem to be too worried about it.

You can sign up to be notified about YouTube Gaming when it launches this summer via the link down below.

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