Mariah Carey to replace Kate Upton as face of Game of War, Terminator Genisys director will make the commercial

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If you’ve spent any amount of time online or even your local theater, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a Game of War commercial featuring swimsuit model Kate Upton. She’s been the “it” girl ever since gracing the cover of Sport Illustrated back in 2012, so it really didn’t come as much of a surprise to find her the centerpiece of a $40 million dollar Game of War marketing blitz. If you’ve got that kinda cash to burn, why not hire 2014’s “sexiest woman alive?” Maybe that’s why Game of War’s next girl sounds so odd to us.

According to sources from TMZ, Mariah Carey is in the process of inking a deal with game studio Machine Zone Inc to become the new face of Game of War: Fire Age. Mariah Carey — who is nearly twice Upton’s age — is no spring chicken and hasn’t been relevant since the 90s. Mariah will reportedly take home a 7-figure paycheck to be featured in a new 30 second ad put together by none other than Alan Taylor, director of the upcoming summer flick Terminator Genisys (he also directed Thor: The Dark World as well).

Game of War is apparently raking in around $1 million every single day, so they money is definitely there. Exactly how they went about moving from Upton to a washed up Carey is anyone’s guess, but we’re sure to see more of Mariah broadcasted across all media channels in the coming months. So long, Kate. It’s been real.

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