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Mantano Ebook Reader Premium v2.4.0 APK Patched


Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Best ebook reader for Android. Supports EPUB 2, PDF and OPDS formats and the Adobe

Mantano Ebook Reader Premium v2.4.0 APK Patched

For eager readers, students and pros. Highlight and annotate excerpts, share quotes and annotations with friends, revise your lessons, prepare reports, make bibliographical research or annotate contracts, lookup words in local and remote dictionaries, go on reading while running thanks to the text-to-speech function, download thousands of ebooks from famous OPDS catalogs or add your own OPDS catalogs…
“Best on the market. I’ve tried every ereader app on the market and this is by far the fastest, most feature rich one. Very well done, you’re head and shoulders above the competition.”
? Additional Features for the Premium version:
? Customer Support and more frequent updates
? Ad-free
? Customize the display of EPUB 2 documents thanks to Themes: default font, line height, colors, etc. Create your custom themes
? Optional realistic page curl animation for EPUB and PDF in reflow mode
? Manual and automatic crop for PDF
? Zoom in on images for EPUB books
? Magnifier Glass for text selection and highlighting
? Edit the title of bookmarks
? Create standalone text or freehand notes
? Vocal synthesis (Text To Speech): listen to a book, a page or a text selection
? Customize predefined gestures and key actions
? Download offline dictionaries
? Advanced Search function with a Search panel displaying the list of all instances of a word in the book
? Attach freehand notes to a selection or a page f000h
? Filter your books and notes by collection, author, tags, publisher, formats…
? Browse your internal memory and SD card thanks to the integrated File Explorer, to manually import books into your library
? Notes Manager: organize and navigate through your notes like your books with collections, tags, and search, create review sheets from a selection of notes in different books, jump directly from a note to the corresponding page in the book…
? Key Features common to all versions:
? Support of Adobe DRM, including ID and password protected files
? Advanced support of PDF: Fast scroll, Pan & Zoom, double-click for 1 column display
? Night mode
? Attach text notes to a highlight or a page
? Browse the table of contents thanks to a familiar expandable tree structure
? Quickly access your annotations, highlights and bookmarks
? Lookup words in online dictionaries
? Search a word in a book
? Organize your books in collections
? Display your library according to different view modes: compact list, detailed list and thumbnails view
? Tag your books and manage your tags
? Filter by collection, author, tags, notes
? Sort by title, author, date added, last access date
? Search a book by typing a part of its title, tags or of the author’s name
? Display detailed book information (long press)
? OPDS Catalogs Explorer: search for new books in several predefined online catalogs, add your own catalogs, directly open a downloaded book, filter by catalog and category, full-text book search.
? Additional Mantano Cloud features (require a separate paid subscription on
? Switch between your phone and tablet and always find your books, annotations, notes, reading positions along with you
? Transform your books and documents into digital reading circles by sharing annotations and learn from others’ experience.
? Note: Due to a known issue in Android 4.1, application updates sometimes fail. Please uninstall and reinstall the application.
? Other ebook reader applications:
- Supporting Adobe DRM: Aldiko, Kobo, Bluefire, Adobe Reader
- Not Supporting Adobe DRM: Moon+ Reader, RepliGo, Laputa, Cool Reader, ezPDF, FBReader.
? Tags: book, ebook, book reader, ebook reader, epub reader, pdf reader, ebook speech, dictionary, lexicon, library, bookstore, opds, tts, epub, pdf, ebook annotate.

What’s New
-Added Home
–Latest readings
–Shared books
–Contact requests
–Direct access to Best-sellers
–Latest comments
-Sharing reading allowed for books with DRM
-Improved: Links under highlight can be clicked, Magnifier can be deactivated, Text selection easier in PDF, country taken into account in TTS
–Bookstores: book title displayed in 2 lines, summary no longer truncated
-Fixed: Editing metadatas on book details, Sort order in review sheet, DRM activation lost in some cases

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