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Posted by apkmaniax on Sep 7, 2013

Sexter, text moving stick figs v1.1.4

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
Overview: Sex Sexter is a one-of-a-kind stick man/girl sex position texting app that allows you to text/email emoticon images consisting of multiple different animated/moving stick figure sex positions.


Do you like sexting? Of coarse you do, I mean who doesn’t love to sext their favorite someone.
This app is truly hilarious with the animations and the facial expressions on each image. If you really want to put a smile on someone’s face download this app and text or email out your first image today. Sext sex sex positions today
You can text or email one to your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover or just a friend and you are sure to make someone laugh. Hey, that’s the way the game works!!! If you have game and someone to send this out to with a good sense of humor then you’ll be sure to have fun with this app.
They say a picture is worth 1000 words “try it today”. Sexter + sext + sexing = sex
They say if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything!!!!!!!
When you text one of these images you will definately light up someones day with a smile
Download Sexter today and text your favorite animated sex position right away!! Dexter is fun for everyone so lightin up the mood and text someone a Sexter today, you’ll be glad you did
The charge will appear on your bill as Stick Text

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