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Posted by apkmaniax on Oct 11, 2013

Android vs iOS – Which Is Really More Stable? 2013 Results


OS stability has always been a big concern when choosing which device you’re going to upgrade to. When it comes to the battle between Android and iOS, Apple fanboys would have you believe that their mobile OS is a smooth and steady as an ocean liner, but as history has taught us, some titans — sink. In my talks with friends and acquaintances on why they’ve chosen iOS over Android, I’ve heard everything from, “It just works,” to the argument that “Android is just too fragmented,” or “Apps constantly force close.”
Well, then you would assume that data gathered from Crittercism — a research startup that analyzes mobile app crashes — would show that iOS suffers from fewer, if any, app crashes when compared to Android. Right? Wrong.
Surprisingly,  Crittercism’s data (gathered from more than 214 million app launches between November and December of 2011) shows that apps on iOS crashed much more frequently than comparable apps on Android. Just take a look at that pie graph. It’s easily dominated by iOS, covering nearly 75% of total crashes. Yup. I was just as blown away as you. Numbers don’t lie.
Now, the reasons for these app crashes are numerous. Everything from iOS 5 being new to the market, problems with hardware, internet connectivity, language support, or just plain ‘ol poorly coded apps. It can even be argued that because there are so many more iOS devices than Andr– oh, wait. I almost forgot. There isn’t.
Even with this newly released data, I almost still don’t believe it. Android. With all the talks of fragmentation, force closes and incompatible apps, could somehow turn out to be more stable than iOS? Well, slap my momma and call me Sally. Who’d-a-thunkit. Now, I’m sure this will come off as the flames of an Android fanboy but I assure you, I’m not hating. Just found this information interesting and felt like sharing. Did this data surprise any of you?


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