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Posted by apkmaniax on Oct 11, 2013

How to change android BOOT SPLASH screen


Hello Everyone,
After wandering through hundreds of sites for finding a simple method to change Android Boot Splash Screen, i failed to find 
a Step-By-Step solution to change Boot Splash Screen. Being Lost, I decided to post my own thread in order to 

help a lot of android users wandering lonely in search for a ray of light… So…Here Comes…
How to change android BOOT SPLASH screen
Before you start to read, Let me inform you that I am using Spice Stellar MI-425 and the trick mentioned below works well for My Device.
As time passes, I will test other devices as well and post you Updates.

I. Setting Up Android Kitchen
Things You Will Need
1.Java JRE Download
2.Cygwin for Android Kitchen 
3.Android Kitchen(DUH…Obvious from 2) Download
Note:Video Tutorial on setting Android Kitchen by yagyagaire :VIDEO
4.ADB Shell(We’ll get on to this later)

Note2: Step By Step Pictorial Tutorial to install Cygwin And Android Kitchen Can be found here:

Note3:If any problems, you can refer the thread by “dsixda”, the creator of android kitchen…for setting up Cygwin and Android Kitchen.
Note4:If you still have problem setting cygwin and android kitchen, we developers are here to help at this forum…Feel 

free to ask.

II.A Little bit of Homework
If you are reading this, I assume and expect that you have read and implemented the steps mentioned in I. Things You Will Need successfully otherwise reading this is a waste…

Let’s proceed with your homework…Ya…I know,Me TOO
1.Obtain ClockworkMOD for your Android Device

2.Boot Your Device into recovery mode

3.Choose “Backup and Restore”

4.Create a backup of your device

Step1:The simplest way to obtain a clockworkMOD for your device is to google it…There’s no way I can help you with that 

since I don’t know the device you are using.

Step2:Now…This step is a tricky one.
If you succeed in this step, your luck…Otherwise you wil have to root your device
Once you obtain a clockworkMOD for your device,paste it in your device “sdcard”.
Then,restart your device and boot it into recovery mode…What

K…for newbies,The simplest way to boot your device into recovery mode is to google about it
Still,I’ll mention for devices i know…But before that you will have to turn off your AndroidDevice

Spice Stellar Series: Hold VolUP+Power button…Green Screen Shows…Keep Holding…Red Screen Shows up…Release
Karbonn A series:Same as above
Samsung Galaxy Series: Hold VolUP+MiddleButton+Power Button
more to be added soon……if your device not listed…Google it or Searcg this thread.

Step3: Once you boot into recovery mode, use VolUP & VolDOWN keys to choose “Install ZIP from sdcard” and choose the 

downloaded “”(or whatever name you may have saved the zip file with).
If successful, clockworkMOD recovery will be booted.

Step4:If you had succes in step 3 & 4,skip this step otherwise read.
Google your device name to find the instructions on rooting your device.
e.g. In my case, I will google “spice stellar mi-425 root”
once rooted, turn on USB debugging & download the attached tool “” attached below.
Use it to replace stock recovery with ClockworkMODRecovery(CWM)…then Boot Into CWM.

Step5: Once booted into CWM,follow instructions at LINK to make a backup of your ROM.

Step6: Once done with Backup, reboot your device and Copy the contents from External SDCard “extSD\clockworkmod” folder to your PC

III.The Fun Part

Okay…Since All homework is over, Now its time to get into action. Although Android Kitchen is full of endless possibilities,I will focus at present on changing boot splash screen.

1.If you have followed the video,tutorials or dsixda forum instructions,and successfully managed to get into android kitchen menu which looks somewhat like this…

================================================== ==========
Android Kitchen $version – by dsixda (”
================================================== ==========


…………Some Options…………..

Enter option: 

If yes,You are good to go.
If No,go back and read the instructions or at least watch the video again.


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