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Posted by apkmaniax on Oct 16, 2013

Humble Bundle makes a comeback with DRM-free multiplatform games

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Humble Bundle makes a comeback with DRM-free multiplatform games

The last Humble Mobile Bundle spree has just finished, releasing over 6 games for Android as well as some goodies, and yet the Humble Bundle is at it again. This time, though, the net is cast wider, covering not just Android but also Windows, OS X, and Linux.


From time to time, Humble Bundle announces collections of DRM-free games, majority of which come from indie game developers although there have been times when bundles revolved around games from popular publishers as well. Most of the time, games are intended for PCs and Macs exclusively or, like the previous bundle, Android exclusively. They have, however, occasionally rounded up games that work on both, and that’s exactly what they’re doing again with this new Humble Bundle with Android 7.

Included in this bundle is Worms Reloaded, a 2D game that puts deadly, not to mention ridiculous, weapons of destruction in the hands of, well, worms. Unfortunately, Worms Reloaded is not available for Android. But worry not as Worms 2: Armageddon is an Android game, which you can get if you pay more than the average. If Worms changed your perception of these peaceful, slithering creatures, The Bard’s Tale will change the way you look at Fantasy RPG heroes. Join Bard, a reluctant hero with a penchant for wine, women, and song as he travels the world completing quests for fame, glory, and some gold to finance his less than virtuous hobbies. Here’s the video introducing the games included in the bundle.

If you pay more than the average, which is currently $6.34, you get access to Worms and The Bard’s Tale along with other goodies. But even if you don’t, you can still get four multiplatform games and a bunch of soundtracks for them. Of course, you also get to decide how you want to split up your payment between the game developers, Child’s Play Charity, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle

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