Nokia Lumia Icon appears on Verizon test site, complete with images and spec details

Nokia Lumia Icon Verizon test page leak

The Nokia Lumia Icon, also known as the Lumia 929, has already leaked out in more images and videos than I can keep track of. Today we’ve got another leak to add to the list, but you shouldn’t write this one off as just another leak like all the others. Why, you ask? Because this one comes to us straight from Verizon.

Nokia’s Lumia Icon is now up on Verizon’s “testman” website, complete with a handful of official renders, specs and a placeholder $777 price tag. The product page confirms that not only will this Lumia 928 successor come to market under the “Lumia Icon” name, but that it’ll also bring with it a 5-inch 1080p display, 20-megapixel PureView camera, quad-core processor and 2420mAh battery, all crammed into a metal body. 

The last Windows Phone that launched on Verizon was the Lumia 928 way back in May 2013, so I’m sure that any Live Tile lovers that have stuck with Verizon up until now are getting pretty hungry for a new Windows Phone device. There’s no word yet on exactly when the Lumia Icon will make the jump from Verizon’s test site to its real one, but the fact that it’s now on the test online store could be an indication that Verizon is getting ready to finally make this sucker available for purchase. We’ll just have to sit and wait for an official announcement from Verizon and Nokia for now, but it may not be a bad idea for you Verizon Windows Phone fans to gather up your cash and get ready to treat yourself to a late holiday gift.

Via WMPowerUser, Verizon Wireless

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