Posted by apkmaniax on Sep 11, 2013

How to Install Apps on My External SDcard?

There are many users asking us how to install / put apps on their external memory cards (external SDcards); and this fact made adding this guide possible.



  • DirectoryBind application

  • (!) ROOTED (!) device

Directory Bind Features:


  • Aimed at specific functionality and features (not idiot-proof).

  • You can create any number of Data -> Target directory pairs, mount them manually or choose to mount them on system boot (checkbox does that).

  • On/Off switch controls whole mount-on-boot function.

  • Diskette icon indicates if mount operation was successful, by taping it. You can mount/umount entry.

  • Icon changes if an application is using mounted entry.

  • DirectoryBind can tell what application is using this entry (tap at entry in use).

  • Long tap on entry (disabled) brings edit / delete window.

  • App auto umounts all entries on USB connected and remount after USB is disconnected (for now via BroadcardReceiver UMS_CONNECTED / UMS_DISCONNECTED).

  • The app shows notification and vibrates if auto unmount on USB fails.

  • If mounting all checked entries (ex. on boot) app is waiting specified time (def. 60 sec) if data directory is not available (happens sometimes at boot).


DirectoryBind is a tool created by Slig, a user from XDA Developers. It mounts a directory on external SD card as another directory (usually on internal SD).

  1. Download the app and install it.

  2. Open the app. Go to “Options” and select “Add new entry”.

  3. You’ll see something like this:


4. Press and hold on “Text Field” under “Source Data”.

Note: You must have installed the game installer already. (i.e. The small 2-3 MB game which then downloads the whole data). You’ll see something like this:


Browse to your /mnt/extsd (i.e. MicroSD card) and create an empty folder by using the “New” button. Name it anything you like.

Note: no spaces in its name allowed.

5. Now press and hold on “Text field” under “Enter Target Path”. You’ll see a screen similar to above. Then browse to the data folder of a game. The location of this folder is different for different games. You can google to learn the game directory or ask at ourFacebook page.

6. Check the “Transfer Files” from “Target to Data” check box.

7. Tap “Add”.

8. You’ll see a screen like this :

9. After the Data is moved, You’ll see this screen:



  • The icons which are green in the above screenshot will be gray. Tap that icon once. Then it will change its color to green as shown in the above picture. If the icon turns red, this means mounting has failed. This happens because an application is accessing one of the two folders or there is ”space” between the name of one of the folders.

  • Check if the game is running and force stop it from settings and / or remove the space from folder names. Then the icon should turn greenGreen icon indicates that the mount is successful and you can start using your game / app.



Some users are not able to use this app. If it doesn’t work, here is solution:

  • Navigate to /system/etc/permissions

  • Edit the file “platform.xml”

  • Under the section WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. Add this below the line that is already there.

  • Reboot.


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