Amazon is offering 22 Android apps and games worth over $50 for free, including Monument Valley

Amazon Prime

Fancy some free games and apps that normally cost you coin? Amazon has a bundle of them going for free today. There are 22 in all, and buying the whole lot would normally set you back just over $50.

So what’s on tap? Some real gems in the games department, for one. We’ve got both Monument Valley and A Bard’s Tale as highlights of the show. The former is a charming puzzler/platformer that challenges your brain in many different ways, while Bard’s Tale is vast RPG that’ll deliver dozens of hours of entertainment.

Here’s the full list:

Knock-KnockAlarm Clock ProMonument ValleySimply YogaTable Top RacingWeather LiveExilesAirReceiverFantastic 4 in a Row 2AVG AntiVirus ProMirroring360No GravityTrouserheartQuell MementoTinyCam Monitor ProThe Bard’s TaleMACEEndless SkaterDeep Under the SkyAirport Mania 2: Wild TripsMonkey RacingCrazy RocketMystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

Sound good? The downloads are waiting for you at Amazon (you’ll have to get the APK through the Amazon app, which can be sideloaded here) so be sure to grab what you want before the deal goes away!

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