HTC One M9 Developer Edition now receiving Android 5.1 Lollipop

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After the Sprint version of the HTC One M9 began receiving Android 5.1 back on July 1st, now the unlocked Developer Edition is following suit. The HTC One M9 Developer Edition is a special variant that comes with an already unlocked bootloader for flashing custom ROMs are tinkering around with. It’s odd because typically HTC’s unlocked and Developer Edition models are the first ones to see software updates ahead of carrier models, especially those in the US.

In either case the update brings a host of small changes added to the core Android OS, along with improvements to HTC’s custom Sense 7.0 UI. We covered some of those here — like the ability to change the color temperature of the M9’s display — along with a few others. According to HTC’s changelog shown during the update prompt, users can expect the following:

Android Lollipop 5.1Data performance improvementsCall drop improvementsBattery life enhancementsTemperature management optimizationCamera enhancements

The update weighs in at about 795MB in size, so it’s pretty hefty. After you’re done updating, you will be running software build 2.8.617.4. Don’t forget to snap a few pics and compare some of the before and afters. We hear the camera received another significant bump in quality. We still don’t know when the rest of the US carrier models will start seeing the update, but with the Sprint model already receiving it earlier this week, it can’t be too much longer. Happy updating!

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