Huawei Honor 7 Actual Unit Picture Leaks

With the Huawei Honor 7’s expected launch on June 8, it’s not surprising that a picture of an actual Honor 7 unit has leaked on the internet. This particular shot was leaked through social media network Weibo by user Jaylzfly.

huawei-honor7-actual-unit-leak-01The leaked image shows the supposed back of the Honor 7 which looks vastly different from the images of the device leaked from TENAA. Instead of a square-shaped camera lens with a dual LED flash beside it and a square-shaped fingerprint sensor below it, the picture reveals a round camera lens with a single LED flash below it and what looks like an oval-shaped push-button fingerprint sensor below that.

While the changes to the camera lens shape and the change to the position of the flash may be minor, the change to the shape and type of fingerprint sensor seen in the picture is slightly more significant. The company might be planning to add more functionality to the device’s new fingerprint sensor other than the usual security features.

The changes to the device’s design and fingerprint sensor may be the effect of the company trying to get the price of the phone down to below or around one thousand Yuan which Huawei has previously said they are targeting for the Honor 7.

If the device does get released with a one thousand Yuan price tag then it will be a very competitive device at that price tag due to it having a fingerprint sensor as well as support for 4G LTE. The device’s other possible specifications include a 5-inch full HD display, a Kirin 935 processor, and either 3GB of RAM with 16GB of storage or 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage.

We’ll have to wait for June 8 to see what Huawei really has in store for the Honor 7 including its price tag and features.

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