Motorola DROID Turbo is now getting Android 5.1 Lollipop


It’s out, folks: the Motorola DROID Turbo’s Lollipop is now widely available for all to download after a brief soak test. The DROID Turbo was infamously held as one of the last devices in Motorola’s 2014 lineup to see Lollipop, and it didn’t help matters that there were units spotted with the goods in the wild a long time ago.

There aren’t many surprises by now: this is Lollipop (Android 5.1, to be specific), and it brings you up to the most contemporary version of Android available. That brings a whole new slew of features over the previous KitKat firmware, including a new Material Design user interface, lock screen notifications and more.

You’re looking for version 23.11.38.en.US, so get on WiFi, charge up and try to pull it down over the air if you’ve been waiting on this.

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