Nuke My Device 1.7 apk

Current Version: 1.7
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Tools
v1.7 update:
New features:
– Email receipt to confirm successful nuking
– German translation
– Bug fixes
Nuke My Device protects your privacy by secure deleting your personal data, such as photos and videos, making them unrecoverable.
First, Nuke My Device deletes everything on your internal SD card. Next, the app writes encrypted data to the entire partition, then wipes that data. The process repeats three times before triggering a factory reset.
Nuke My Device sanitizes your internal SD card by deleting everything and then filling the storage partition multiple times with encrypted data, ensuring none of your data remains on the partition. Android devices typically save pictures, downloads, documents, and other such personal data on the SD card.
For convenience, we offer you the option to receive an email receipt confirming when your internal SD card has been nuked as well as an easy way to initiate the factory reset. The entire process takes six simple steps:
1. Download Nuke My Device.
2. Enter email address for email confirmation after the nuke completes.
3. Start nuking.
4. Wait.
5. Begin prompted factory reset.
6. Remove external SD card, if your device has one, before recycling or trade-in.
Once you’ve completed the nuking process, your data is virtually unrecoverable.
Nuke My Device doesn’t eradicate data from your external SD card, but that’s okay because reusing your SD card in your new device will save you money! If your device has an external SD card, make sure to remove it before recycling or trade-in.
Nuke My Device replaces the apps Nuke My Phone and Nuke My Tablet, providing you one app to erase your personal data from devices before they’re ready for disposal.
Note: Because some devices, specifically old ones, can take up to several hours for the nuking process, we recommend plugging in your phone or tablet before you start. We’re aware that background processes from other apps and waiting for access to internal memory can at times cause the app to hang. If you think it’s been hanging too long, exit the app, force close it, and begin again. If you’re still having trouble, contact support at.
Q. Why should I nuke my phone or tablet?
A. If you’re planning to upgrade or have ever upgraded your phone or tablet, likely you’ve an old, unwanted device collecting dust at home. The traditional delete functionality in Android is vulnerable to recovery, so before tossing that device, you must nuke it to ensure your personal data is not compromised.

Q. Does Nuke My Device provide a secure wipe of my data?
A. Yes, Nuke My Device completes a secure wipe of your internal SD card to ensure your device has been properly sanitized, leaving your data secure.
Q. What should I do with my old phone or tablet?
A. Rather than letting it contribute to the clutter in your home, you can either recycle or trade in your device. Many recycling programs dispose of or refurbish old devices properly, protecting electronic information. You can check your carrier’s trade-in policy, too, because some carriers will give you cash for your phone.

Q. Where can I recycle my old phone or tablet?
A. Many organizations recycle unwanted mobiles, and most electronics dealers, such as Best Buy and Staples, participate in an electronic recycling program. Try searching by electronic device type on the EPA’s Website
Q. The nuke took only a few seconds. Did it work?
A. Depending on your device’s specifications and amount of storage, the process might take only a few seconds to complete. Don’t worry. If you’ve been prompted to begin a factory reset, the nuke has occurred, and you’re protected.
Q. Does Nuke My Device offer remote wipe?
A. Although Nuke My Device doesn’t offer remote wipe at this time, we’re considering this option for a future release.

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