OnePlus One gets frozen in a block of ice, check what gets it out!

Smartphone manufacturers are known to use weird marketing campaigns to promote their products. Earlier today, we came across a post on Weibo where we saw the OnePlus One flagship killer frozen inside a large block of ice. And anyone who could get the phone from inside the ice could keep it. Pretty Good deal right?

oneplus one in ice2

Well, not exactly! When we say its a large, we mean it. The ice is about 4-5 feet high and quite thick too, which makes it extremely hard to get the OnePlus One smartphone that’s inside it.

oneplus one in ice3

A lot of people tried out their luck with the ice block, but nothing seemed to get through to the smartphone. For example, a person tried drilling into the block of ice, but without any success. Another tried pouring hot water on the ice block, hoping that it will melt off, but once again, that didn’t help.

So, did anyone manage to get the device? Yes, actually, there was one individual who managed to break the ice, that too using the old fashioned way i.e. violence!

oneplus one in ice

As you can see in the picture below, the person started kicking the ice block, finally separating the top half. Then, he threw the block down to the ground and started breaking what’s left using a hammer.oneplus one in ice7

oneplus one in ice5 oneplus one in ice6

Well, that did the trick for him as he finally got what was inside the block of ice.

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