Otterbox unveils stylish leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6

otterbox strada hero

Otterbox has revealed a new case line that will add a lot of style to the company’s typical tough substance. It’s the Strada series, and it uses genuine leather wrapped around a sturdy dual-piece case to make for a very nice, yet protective case.

There’s a folio flap that will latch closed using magnets, as well as card slots on the inside sleeve and a slit for talking on the phone while the folio case is closed. If you’ve always been a fan of Otterbox protection but couldn’t stand to be seen with a bulky brick of a phone, this seems to provide that happy medium.

Of course, its $50 price tag is a tough cookie to swallow, but it’s our exprience that Otterbox cases are worth every last penny used to pay for them. Head right here to order one — you’ll have a choice of Black or Burgundy — and fingers crossed that they release Strada cases for more phones at some point down the line.

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