ROM OFFICIAL LiquidSmooth Jellybean 4.3.1 (version 2.10) for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ROMs i605

LiquidSmooth is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project.

Dedicated to providing users with smooth, stable and fast ROMs. A Lightweight modified AOSP base, and then add the features you crave!

While we make every effort to test these builds as much as possible, we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your device.

We ask that you do your part to know your device and know how to recover from problems before you flash!

Google 4.7 GCC Toolchain
    O3 Strict-Aliasing & ISO C++11 Mode
    ARM Optimized String Handling Routines
    Linaro and Code Aurora Optimaztions
    Customizable lockscreen buttons/sliders
    Chronus clock widget
    Customizable hardware and software keys
    Transparent navbar and status bar
    Customizable navbar ring
    Navigation bar widgets
    Customizable power menu
    Notification power widget
    Customizable quicksettings panel
    Statusbar mods
    Theme engine
    Quiet hours
    Volume rocker music controls
    Full Rotation
    Customizable battery and notification light
    And way more features than this…

LiquidSmooth Github
LiquidSmooth Website
Jamie's UBER Kernel
Cyanogenmod Sources

  • Liquid-JB-v2.10-OFFICIAL-d2att (108.4 MiB)
  • Latest GAPPS Download


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