Samsung’s mirror display could bring us virtual fitting rooms

samsung mirror display

Samsung had some cool new display innovations to show off this week. First is a next generation translucent display, which has improved colors and contrast compared to the displays we’ve seen pop up over the past couple of years.

But really cool is Samsung’s new mirror display, which can show dynamic imagery while reflecting the world around it. One cool use case Samsung envisions for a clothing boutique is to use it as a virtual fitting room.

Imagine being able to try clothes on without, you know, having to actually put clothes on. It doesn’t do anything to help you get the clothes that fit best, mind you, but you can at least envision how you’ll look once you do.

Samsung’s examples mostly used the reflective displays in jewelry stores and cosmetic departments where these sorts of things could be valuable to a shopper. Whatever they use it for, it’s pretty cool and wouldn’t mind seeing it in a wide range of stores at some point down the line.

[via Samsung]

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