The OnePlus Two Will Feature a USB Type-C Port

In a surprising announcement, OnePlus has revealed, via their official Twitter account, that their highly anticipated OnePlus Two will now feature the new USB Type-C port.

oneplustwo-usbtypec-reveal-01It’s been previously reported that the company has gone back to the drawing board with its OnePlus Two and it looks like USB Type-C is one of the things the company has changed in its overhaul of the upcoming device.

Reports have also stated that the OnePlus Two will feature a QuadHD display, new and improved version of the Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, and a 13-megapixel rear camera.

It must be noted though that while the company claims that the OnePlus Two will be the first flagship to feature a USB Type-C connector, the LeTV One Pro and One Max which were released last April also feature USB Type-C ports.

USB Type-C is a fairly new and fast-rising technology and open standard that companies have slowly began to adapt. Apple first introducing it into their line-up of products through their latest MacBook.

USB Type-C brings with it a lot of improvements and innovation from the currently popular USB 3.0 standard. Type-C is faster, reversible, is capable of video, can support much more power, and is backwards compatible (via an adapter), among other things.

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