The UMi Voix Blu Comes With Breathing Navigation Keys

The upcoming Voix Blu wireless headphones from UMi come with a slew of features making it a versatile device for both music and communication. Many of those features are controlled by the headphone’s navigation keys so the company has designed them to not only look good but also last forever.

VOIX-BLU_02First off, the navigation keys on the Voix Blu feature a “breathing” effect that pulses the LEDs behind the keys up to 22 times a minute. Users of the headphone will be able to play songs, take calls, adjust the volume, and more by using just the navigation keys which makes things very convenient.


As for their durability, the company has rated the Voix Blu’s navigation keys for up to 30,000 key presses to make sure that these headphones can last practically forever. The UMi Voix Blu also feature a built-in battery that can last for up to 10 hours of continuous music playback and can be charged to full within 2-3 hours via its USB port.

The official release date of the UMi Voix Blu is still currently unknown but it is expected that the company will launch the new headphones within the next few weeks.

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