Use Swappa’s new app to look up used phone prices

swappa price app

We’re still a bit of ways away from a full-fledged Swappa app, but the phone trading marketplace company has released a new price chart that’ll give you a good idea of how much a phone is worth. You can use the app to see the phone’s average selling price at the current moment in time, as well as a nice history of price changes since its launch.

And that’s all it’ll do for now, unfortunately. The nifty Buy and Sell buttons you’ll find throughout the app will take you out to the Swappa website to commence your phone trading business. That isn’t necessarily some terrible quest as Swappa has a pretty good mobile site, but we would have loved to be able to do all our bidding in one place.

So we asked them: when are we getting that full-fledged Swappa app? Founder and CEO of Swappa Ben Edwards revealed to us that the company definitely has plans to bring more apps down the line. Whether one of these apps will deliver the all-in-one experience we’re looking for remains to be seen, but it’s nice to know that this won’t be the end of Swappa’s app efforts.

You can grab the Swappa Price app from Google Play right here. Give it a go if you’re curious about a phone’s value and might be looking to buy or sell one soon!

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