Become an elite programmer with the 2015 Learn to Code Bundle


Have you ever wanted to learn to code? is making it simple by offering you the chance to get schooled up on back-end coding right from your computer. You won’t even have to put down that bag of Cheetos to be well on your way to becoming a l337 pr0gr4mm3r.

The good news is we’re not asking you to go to college so you can swim in student loan debt for the rest of your mortal life. For a one-time fee of $59, you will gain lifetime access to eight courses covering the most sought-after skills, including top programming languages advanced concepts in back-end computing, including Ruby, Python, and PHP.

Here’s the full list of courses you’ll get. Combined it equals over of 70 hours of coding courses that would usually cost over $1000. Go to right now to snag the bundle.

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