The Nintendo NX could emulate Android games [RUMOR]

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Dreams of a Nintendo gaming console running Android may be dashed for the moment, but new rumors suggest the company will look to use Android in some way. According to a translated report from a Spanish gaming outlet, Amazon and Nintendo have been in talks about mobile goods ever since Nintendo revealed they’d be bringing a number of games to the smartphone scene.

Amazon supposedly rushed to contact Nintendo and set up a deal with Nintendo to ensure their games would launch on the Amazon Appstore the same day they go up on Google Play and the Apple App Store. That’s a given, of course, as Amazon would be quite ill to not have one of the best game makers of all times have any wares in their store on day one.

The more interesting part of this rumor is that Amazon apparently learned that Nintendo was working on an Android emulator for the Nintendo NX for purposes of playing those games on the company’s new console. The emulator would likely be akin to the Android runtime found on Blackberry’s devices.

If true, this could help Nintendo tackle two issues with one stone:

It makes it easy for the mobile games they’re working on to be playable on the Nintendo NX, as they should.It makes it easy for developers to port their games to the Nintendo NX.

These are the same issues that an Android-based NX would have tackled, but you can merely consider it two different means to one common goal. One way or another, the Nintendo NX’s chances of supporting Android games in some way, shape or form aren’t as low as we thought. Let’s hope the rumor pans out.

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